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The cloud storage and file management company [reported] a profit before certain costs such as stock compensation of 18 cents per share on revenue of 2.3 million, up 11% from a year ago. Wall Street had forecast earnings of just 12 cents per share on revenue of 9.56 million.


Box said the companys success was thanks to its focus on expanding and renewing deals with its existing customer base.


°Our focus is on growing existing accounts by driving add-on product options and seat expansions with Box Suites, as well as efficiently driving new logo acquisition in key markets," Box Chief Executive Aaron Levie (pictured) said on a call with analysts.

Box首席执行官Aaron Levie(上图)在有分析师参加的电话会议上表示,“我们的重点是增长现有账户,利用Box Suite推动附加产品选项、扩大席位以及在关键市场中有效地推动新牌子的收购。”

Box said it had 4.9 million in deferred revenue as of July 31, up 10% from a year ago. Second quarter billings came to 8.8 million, an increase of 9%. It also reported free cash flow of .3 million.


°Box is well-positioned to support and profit from customers that shifted to work-from-home business models,± analyst Charles King of Pund-IT Inc told SiliconANGLE. °That translated into a solid quarter for the firm and its likely to deliver similar future results, so long as the Covid-19 crisis continues.±

Pund-IT Inc分析师Charles King告诉记者,“Box的市场定位可以为那些转向家庭工作模式的客户提供支持并从中获利。结果就是Box这个季度的稳固表现。假若Covid-19危机持续存在,那么很可能未来季度的业绩也会有类似的表现。”

The company said it secured new and expanded deals in the quarter with customers including Access Information Management, Apleona GmbH, Abbett & Co. LLC, San Diego Zoo Global and Sanki Engineering Co., Ltd. All together, Box now counts more than 100,000 customers on its platform, and Levie said theres a lot of potential in this installed base.

Box表示,本季度已与Access Information Management,Apleona GmbH,Abbett&Co. LLC,San Diego Zoo Global和Sanki Engineering Co. Ltd.等客户达成新的、扩展了的交易。Box平台目前的客户总数已超过100,000。 Levie称这样安装客户群潜力很大。

°We have a significant installed base that still has in many cases limited penetration of Box," Levie said.


Still, the company acknowledged that it didnt close as many large deals as it hoped during the quarter. It said it had 64 deals valued at more than 0,000 compared with 68 a year ago. It closed on three deals valued more than 0,000 in the quarter, the same as a year ago. There were no deals over million, versus two a year before.


But Box Chief Financial Officer Dylan Smith said the company had °seen an increase in the average contract values of those six-figure deals. In the second quarter that was up 10% year-over-year."

然而Box首席财务官Dylan Smith表示,Box“注意到那些六位数交易的平均值有所增长。在第二季度里该平均值同比增长了10%。”

Smith added that Box is also seeing stronger demand for six-figure enterprise deals, and that it expects to see solid growth in its large deal count in the next quarter.


Box was busy on the product front in the quarter, adding new features to its existing tools to drive more and bigger deals with customers. The company made [significant updates to its Box Relay] workflow automation tools and announced [new integrations with Google LLCs G Suite], for example.

Box本季度在产品前沿方面非常繁忙,现有的工具增加了新功能,推动了与客户做更多和更大的交易。例如,Box对工作流程自动化工具Box Relay进行了重大更新,期间还宣布与谷歌G Suite的新整合。

°Box took advantage of businesses, schools and governments needing to increase their secure cloud footprints outside of the corporate firewall,± said Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy. °At the same time, it has amped up partnerships with popular SaaS providers like G Suite and Webex and rose as they rose. I like Boxs increased secure offerings as well as its no-code offerings to tie disparate services together for workflow.±

Moor Insights&Strategy的Patrick Moorhead表示,“ Box充分利用了企业、学校和政府需要在公司防火墙之外增加自己的安全云足迹的优势。同时,Box还与流行的SaaS提供商(例如G Suite和Webex)加强了合作伙伴关系,可以与这些提供商共同发展。我喜欢Box新增的安全产品以及无代码产品,这样就可以在工作流里将不同的服务捆绑在一起。”

King told SiliconANGLE it was a wise move by Box to focus on refining its existing services because it gives clients good reasons to stick around.


°But if growing its customer base continues to be problematic, Box could end up falling even further behind rivals, like Dropbox which is growing faster and driving substantially greater revenues,± King said.

King表示,“但如果扩大客户群持续是个问题,Box最终可能会更加落后于竞争对手,例如Dropbox,Dropbox的增长速度更快,也推动 了可观的收入增长。”

For the next quarter, Box said, its expecting revenue of between 3 million and 5 million, ahead of Wall Streets forecast of 2.8 million. For the full year, Box said its expecting revenue of 7 million to 0 million.

Box表示,下一季度的收入预期在1.93亿美元至1.95亿美元之间,超过华尔街预期的1.928亿美元。 Box表示,预计全年营收将在7.67亿美元至7.7亿美元之间。



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