你现在可能已经熟练地用上了一些主流人工智能工具,例如ChatGPT、Midjourney、Otter.ai 及 Google Assistant 等等。不过你用过一些不太流行的人工智能软件吗?2022 年 11 月,ChatGPT的登场强力推动了各领域生产力的提升,引发全球关注。ChatGPT也衍生了市场上大量人工智能应用程序。

With the plethora of artificial intelligence-driven contrivances designed to automate tasks and make working life easier, it's easy to become overwhelmed and abandon their usage entirely.


Here is a round-up of eight highly-acclaimed and effective AI productivity tools that perform what would take hours of mentally-draining, time-consuming work within a fraction of the time.


## Clara


Liam Lucas, CEO and founder of Off Road Genius, has been using AI tools to enhance productivity within his team, noting that his background within human rights advocacy, finance, and marketing has enabled him to appreciate how AI plays a significant role in efficient work processes.

Off Road Genius 公司首席执行官兼创始人Liam Lucas一直都在利用人工智能工具提高其团队的工作效率。他指出,他的背景涉及到人权倡导、金融和市场营销等方面,他能够体会到人工智能在高效工作流程中发挥的重要作用。

"One AI tool we've found particularly useful," Lucas shares, "is Clara, an AI-powered scheduling assistant. Clara integrates with our calendars and emails, automating the process of scheduling meetings. It has significantly reduced the time spent on back-and-forth emails and has eliminated scheduling errors."

Lucas分享了他的发现, 他表示,“我们发现,人工智能日程安排助手Clara是一个特别有用的人工智能工具。Clara可以与我们的日历和电子邮件整合在一起,实现会议安排流程的自动化。Clara大大减少了来回发送电子邮件的时间,还可以消除日程安排错误。”

SEO manager George Bates of Limelight Digital, added: "By simply cc'ing Clara in an email conversation about a meeting, the AI coordinates with all parties to find a suitable time and place based on your preferences."

Limelight Digital 公司的搜索引擎优化经理George Bates补充表示,“只需在有关会议的电子邮件对话中抄送Clara,人工智能工具Clara就会根据用户的偏好与各方协调并找到合适的时间和地点。”

## Alli AI

Alli AI

For start-up owners, SEO agencies, and marketing teams, Alli might be just be your magical key to visibility within record time.

Alli 对于初创企业主、搜索引擎优化公司和营销团队来说可能就是一个在最短时间内获得知名度的神奇钥匙。

Josh Spencer, healthcare executive and founder of cybersecurity advisory firm FortaTech Security, relates his experience using Alli:

网络安全咨询公司 FortaTech Security 的创始人、医疗保健行业高管 Josh Spencer 讲述了他使用 Alli 的经验。

"One of my go-to tools for improving productivity at work is Alli AI. This AI-powered SEO tool has helped me optimize my website to a great extent. It has improved my search rankings as well as increased my organic traffic through insightful recommendations. All I need to use is a simple WordPress plugin and Alli begins improving my entire website."

他表示,“Alli AI 是我用来提高工作效率的一款常用工具。Alli这款由人工智能驱动的搜索引擎优化工具在很大程度上帮助了我优化我的网站。Alli给出的富有洞察力的建议提高了我的网站的搜索排名及增加了我的有机流量。我只需要使用一个简单的 WordPress 插件,Alli 就可以开始改善我的整个网站。”

## Grain


If, like most professionals and business leaders, you are endlessly pulled into meetings and have little time to write up notes or capture meeting actions, try Grain. Grain is a tool that is designed to integrate seamlessly with your meetings on Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, and provide with you the important highlights, even if you are a few minutes late.

如果你像大多数专业人士和企业领导者一样要没完没了地参加会议,几乎没有时间做笔记或记录会议行动,那么不妨试试 Grain。Grain 是一款可以与Zoom、Google Meet 和 Microsoft Teams会议无缝集成的工具。Grain还可以在即使你迟到了几分钟时提供重要的重点内容。


Young Pham, financial editor and advisor at BizReport illustrates how it works:

"Grain records and transcribes your video meetings, creating easily digestible summaries. This feature ensures that you never miss important insights or action items. The app can also extract key moments from your meetings, making it easy to review and share specific segments with your team or clients. Finally, you can quickly locate relevant information within your meeting recordings using keyword search, without needing to watch hours of video to locate specific discussions."

他表示,“Grain 可以录下视频会议以及将内容转化为文字文本,可以创建易于理解的摘要。这项功能可确保你不会错过重要的见解或行动项目。该应用程序还可以提取会议的关键时刻,可以方便你与团队或客户回顾和分享特定会议视频片段。还有,你可以利用关键字在会议记录中搜索快速查找相关信息,无需为了查找特定的讨论内容而去翻看几小时的视频。”

## Lex


Attending a business conference or networking event? This amazing tool captures the notes you need so you can focus on enjoying the event and taking it all in.


Pham explains: "Lex uses natural language processing to capture and summarize your spoken or written notes. It also helps you categorize and tag your notes automatically, and finally, Lex's powerful search capabilities allow you to find specific information within your notes quickly, saving you the hassle of sifting through pages of content."

Pham 解释了一下,他表示,“Lex 使用自然语言处理技术捕捉和总结活动上的口头或书面笔记。Lex还能帮你自动对笔记进行分类和标记,而且,Lex 强大的搜索功能能让你快速找到笔记中的特定信息,省去了在几页内容中筛选的麻烦。”

## Vervoe


If you work within the talent acquisition or HR department, this software will transform your ethical hiring process and foster more diversity in your talent pool.


Wall Street financier Ziad Abdelnour, who is also president and founder of Blackhawk Partners, Inc., shared, "Vervoe utilizes AI to transform the hiring and skills assessment process. It allows businesses to create custom assessments for job candidates that mimic real work tasks. Vervoe evaluates candidate responses, not just for correctness but also for the quality and approach taken, providing a comprehensive view of a candidate's abilities.

华尔街金融师 Ziad Abdelnour 同时也是 Blackhawk Partners 公司的总裁兼创始人,他分享了他的经验,“Vervoe 利用人工智能改变了招聘和技能评估流程。企业可以用Vervoe为应聘者创建模仿真实工作任务的定制评估。Vervoe 不仅可以评估应聘者回答的正确性,还可以评估应聘者回答的质量和方法,从而可以全面了解应聘者的能力。”

"Vervoe's AI adapts the assessment questions based on candidate responses. This means that each assessment is tailored to the candidate's skill level, ensuring a fair evaluation and saving valuable time in the hiring process."

他表示,“Vervoe 的人工智可以根据应聘者的回答调整测评问题。这意味着每个评估都是根据应聘者的技能水平量身定制的,可以确保评估的公平性及节省招聘过程中的宝贵时间。”

## Slides AI

Slides AI

Simon Brisk, co-founder of digital marketing agency Click Intelligence, found it extremely time-consuming to analyze reports and create a stellar deck from them, which was one of his most frequently occurring tasks. That's when he discovered and started using Slides AI.

数字营销机构 Click Intelligence 的联合创始人 Simon Brisk 觉得分析报告并创建一份出色的演示文稿非常耗时,而这却是他最常做的工作之一。后来他发现并开始使用 Slides AI(幻灯片AI)这款工具。

Brisk says, "Slides AI analyzes documents and information and picks out vital points. It then creates any kind of presentation you want, and you can further customize the presentation however you like."

Brisk 表示,“Slides AI 可以分析文档和信息并挑出关键点。然后,Slides AI会创建你想要的任何类型的演示文稿,你还可以根据自己的喜好进一步定制演示文稿。”

## Goblin.tools


This all-in-one genius AI tool simplifies your life as a busy professional through breaking down larger, overwhelming tasks into simplified, smaller steps, and can perform a range of tasks from giving you an instant recipe for dinner from whatever is left over in your kitchen, to estimating how long a number of tasks will take to complete.


Kimberly Tyler-Smith, VP at Resume Worded, related her experience using the platform:

Resume Worded 公司副总裁Kimberly Tyler-Smith介绍了她使用该平台的经验。

"One AI tool that has been quite helpful in boosting my productivity at work is goblin.tools. I stumbled upon it recently and found it to be quite helpful. What sets goblin.tools apart is its ability to break down large and overwhelming tasks into manageable, bite-sized portions. It then conveniently adds these mini-tasks to your to-do list, making it easier to tackle complex projects one step at a time.


This approach has been a game-changer for me, as it helps me stay focused and lessens the feeling of being overwhelmed by a massive workload. While it might not be as widely recognized as some of the more prominent AI tools, its simplicity, and effectiveness in task management make it a valuable addition to the toolkit of anyone looking to enhance their work productivity."


## Lumen5


Seeking to engage more with your potential and existing customer base? Lumen5 is a video creation tool that, according to some of its users, cuts short hours of video creation (including the budget) into 10-15 minutes.

是不是想与潜在和现有客户群进行更多互动?据一些用户称,Lumen5这款视频制作工具能将制作几小时视频的时间砍到 10-15 分钟(包括砍预算)。

Ilya Moskovoy, CEO of Impromo.com, a digital marketing agency, shared: "This AI video creation platform translates articles or blogs into engaging videos, saving hours of manual video production."

数字营销机构 Impromo.com 的首席执行官 Ilya Moskovoy 表示,“这个人工智能视频创作平台可以将文章或博文转化为引人入胜的视频,可以节省几小时的人工视频制作时间。”


AI tools are growing at such an exponential rate that within a few years there is guaranteed to be something for everyone regardless of one's industry. While some are free and others have pricing plans, incorporating their use into your work routine will significantly save you valuable resources including time, money, and mental energy, freeing these up for more creative and intensive projects.