微软披露:Azure Stack HCI更新要来了

微软在活动中披露了即将发布的Azure Stack HCI 22H2、Azure远程支持和Marketplace的一些信息。

微软在旗下的Inspire合作伙伴活动中披露了即将发布的Azure Stack HCI 22H2、Azure远程支持和Marketplace的一些信息。

22H2 will be the first major update to the platform since last year's 21H2. The annual cadence of Azure Stack HCI is now the only option for server fans left bereft by the end of the Windows Server Semi Annual Servicing channel.

22H2将会是自去年提出21H2以来该平台的首次重大更新。Azure Stack HCI的年度动态现在是服务器爱好者的唯一选择,因为Windows Server半年度服务渠道已经终结。

Attention this time around has focused on the core hypervisor, storage, and networking. "Storage replication in stretch clusters is faster and you can convert existing volumes from fixed provisioning to thin provisioning," the company said. As well as improvements in networking (such as automatic IP addressing for storage networks), Hyper-V live migration works better for switchless 2-node and 3-node clusters and, perhaps most importantly, the default security posture has been beefed up.

这次的焦点集中在核心管理程序、存储和网络上。微软表示,“延伸集群中的存储复制更快,可以将现有Volume从固定配置转换为精简配置。” Hyper-V除了在网络方面的改进(如存储网络的自动IP寻址)以外,在实时迁移在无交换机的两节点和三节点集群中运行得也更好些,也许最重要的是,默认安全配置得到强化。

Admittedly, administrators might find some things don't work quite as they did because options that were disabled are now enabled by default (for new installations) but the hardening is a welcome move.


For the uninitiated, Azure Stack HCI is not to be confused with Azure Stack, despite Microsoft's occasionally tortured attempts at branding. In many ways Windows Server still lurks at its heart (the software-defined datacenter edition). The "HCI" stands for hyperconverged infrastructure, which aims to address users that do not wish to jump into Microsoft's cloud wholesale with a hybrid environment combining on-premises infrastructure with Azure.

不了解情况的人别将Azure Stack HCI与Azure Stack混为一谈,别被微软在品牌建设方面偶尔的扭曲尝试带歪了。Windows Server在许多方面仍然藏身于Azure Stack HCI的核心(软件定义数据中心版本)。HCI的意思是超融合基础架构,HCI的目标用户是那些不希望在企业内部基础架构与Azure结合的混合环境中全盘跳进微软云的用户。

Also coming up is Azure Remote Support for Azure Stack HCI, meaning that administrators can give Azure engineers access to an on-prem cluster to deal with issues and pick up logs. The functionality is off by default, but once enabled engineers can hop on and run only "Just Enough Administration (JEA)-approved cmdlets." Their activities are recorded for audit purposes and access can be revoked anytime.

另外,Azure Stack HCI的Azure远程支持也即将推出,这意味着管理员可以让Azure工程师访问企业内部集群,做些处理问题和收集日志的工作。该功能的默认设置为关闭状态。但一旦启用后工程师就可以进去运行“只是足够的管理(JEA)批准的小命令(cmdlets)”。他们的活动会被记录下来作审计用,访问权可以随时撤销。

The final announcement is the long-awaited arrival of the Azure Marketplace, in public preview form (and at some point in the Autumn). This is a significant milestone for users working with Azure Arc-enabled virtual machine management for Azure Stack HCI since accessing VM images from the Azure Marketplaces has, according to Microsoft, been "a consistent top request."

最后宣布的是期待已久的Azure Marketplace,Azure Marketplace将以公开预览形式(在秋季的某个时间点上)发布。这对于那些使用Azure Stack HCI及 Azure Arc支持的虚拟机管理用户来说是个重要的里程碑,因为据微软称,从Azure Marketplaces访问虚拟机镜像一直都是“呼声最高的要求”。

The integration will give access to the latest fully patched images from Microsoft, and the intention is to add images from third-party publishers in the future.


When the public preview makes an appearance, it will work with an Azure Stack HCI cluster running 21H2 or 22H2. ®

Azure Marketplaces公共预览版一经发布将可以在21H2或22H2的Azure Stack HCI集群里运行。